Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's in the details.

Baby furniture? Check. Crib bedding? Check, check. Closet full of baby clothes? Triple check. You've got the basics covered, but it's really the little details that can take your nursery from "aw, that's cute" to "Whoah, this is amazing!" It's the original pieces hanging on the wall, the personal touches on shelves, the light fixtures, the creative use of paint on walls, unexpected details in trim and other accessories that really bring the WOW-factor to a room. Though many see these as mere afterthoughts, I find the most fun in the details. It's in those details that style becomes truly personal.

One easy little detail that can add loads of pizazz to a child's room or bath? Some fabulous knobs, of course! There are a ton of great knobs and drawer pulls out there that can take a rather Plain Jane piece of furniture and turn it into something really fun. I especially love the look of fun knobs and pulls in bathrooms. Tiny little spaces welcome a fun little punch of color and this is an easy way to do it. If you've got a big chest or changing table with several drawers, you can mix and match some colorful knobs to play it up.

There are tons of fun knobs out there, but they're not all cute. I imagine a lot of the cookie cutter bedding sets that have lamps and wall art and stuffed animals to match also have drawer knobs to complete the ensemble. But let's think outside the box a bit here, mommas, and not get overly matchy-matchy. Leave the teddy bear knobs on the shelf and come with me.

To give you a taste of some truly fabulous knobs, here's a few retailers I personally love when it comes to stylin' up a good drawer or cabinet...

These simply sweet knobs are the creation of Sophie Lane Drawer Couture. All knobs are $20 and they even do custom designs! There's a one-time $45 charge for any custom design, but you can order as many knobs as you need (at $20 each). So if you've got a funky color combo going on in your child's room, you can have them create the perfect knob to finish it off.

All of Sophie Lane's knobs are the same size - 1.5 inch round which 1 inch projection. The knobs are wooden with original artwork applied to the tops and coated with a high-gloss sealant. So they have a glassy porcelain like appearance, but aren't as fragile. Super easy to clean, too.

So now that you're warmed up, let me introduce you to MacKenzie-Childs. Hand-painted heaven is what this is. MacKenzie-Childs has a whole slew of fab home accessories and furniture, all the way down to these gorgeous hand-painted knobs...

Not only are the colors fun, but they've got several different shapes and sizes. Whether you're going for a traditional look or something more whimsical, you can't go wrong with MacKenzie-Childs.

How super fun are these? These MacKenzie-Childs knobs range from $18 to $22.

If you're feeling the hand-painted look, you're also sure to love these colorful round knobs by Lulu and Daisy. Like Sophie Lane, they also do custom orders! These are a bit more affordable though, starting at only $10 a pop. Customization is an extra $5 per knob. All Lulu and Daisy knobs are hand-painted and come in two different sizes.

And for a look that's a little different, check out these fab jeweled knobs by Susan Goldstick. These whimsical knobs and pulls make me think of Alice in Wonderland...

These knobs have a lot of great detail and, rightfully so, will set you back a little more than the simpler knobs. Susan Goldstick's collection starts at $22 per knob and quickly climbs. But aren't these pieces gorgeous? Do be careful with the more pointy knobs. We don't want Junior poking his eye out as soon as he becomes mobile. If you like this look, consider using it as a fancy-schmancy hook or on a cabinet far out of baby's reach.

Susan Goldstick also has a great collection of drawer pulls that coordinate with the knobs. Talk about some serious fun...

And hey, if you're a DIY gal, you can easily create your own unique knobs. It's a simple way to really bring some personal style to your baby's room. You can't help but smile when you reach for one of these knobs... even when you're on the mad hunt for some baby wipes.

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Jill said...

Wow! I'm totally inspired and bookmarking this page for when we get back in our house and I can work on this. Great tips. I love this site. Thanks so much!!