I'm a girl from the South who doesn't like sweet tea or okra. Since college, I've had a successful career in the accounting world. It's a very technical job in a very conservative profession where showing up in navy instead of black is considered fashion forward. It's a job and skill I'm very thankful for, but there's no denying that my real passion lies in a much more colorful world. To list my interests and aspirations would take up this entire page. But I've come to discover, whether it's what I'm wearing, an event I'm planning, or a room I'm decorating, the common thread among all these interests of mine comes down to style. So really, I'm just a girl trying to make the world a little more stylish... one step at a time!

So grab a cup of decaf, mommas, and join me as we peruse all things fabulous for you and baby.  While you and your family are making room for baby, I'll help you make room for style.