Sunday, March 29, 2009

All About Javis Davis.

A couple of years ago I was perusing around Posh Cravings (a great site for stylish moms and moms-to-be) and I found a link to a custom baby and kids' bedding site. It was then that I was introduced to the pure fabulousness (yep, that's a word) of Javis Davis.

It truly was love at first click. This amazing website allows you to design your own crib sets and accessories from a collection of gorgeous fabrics at really affordable prices. Their online crib configurator is like no other... I could spend hours online designing different crib sets!

So I did the normal thing I do when I find a cool website I want to remember... I add it to my "favorites" and I sign up for their email newsletters and updates. (It's for this reason that my inbox is constantly overflowing with emails from a gazillion different retailers.) Fast forward to early 2009 and I receive one of their emails, but this wasn't the usual newsletter. Javis Davis was on the hunt for design partners. When I read the description of the kind of person they were looking for, I knew it fit me completely. My heart skipped a beat...

I had always thought of getting into nursery styling and design at some point. I knew I had the talent and the desire, but where in the world would I start? Of one thing I was sure... I absolutely adored baby rooms. A nursery is truly a magical little utopia of a space that can be anything you want it to be. It's the one room where you can really feel free to deviate from the d├ęcor that consumes the rest of your home and have some real fun. And a nursery is one of the few rooms with a specific purpose... an immediate need... a must-do project. You've got to make room, so why not make it fabulous?

And the people at Javis Davis seem to really get this concept. Their take on baby and kids' bedding is so different from the cookie cutter collections you come across in the big name stores. Moms are able to put something together that expresses their own individuality and style. So, as you can imagine, this unexpected opportunity in my inbox to partner with this great company really got my wheels turning. I spent a good two hours at home on a Friday night filling out the application. A couple of weeks later, I was on the phone with the owner and creator of Javis Davis. She was thrilled with what I had to offer, and I was ecstatic to be accepted as the design partner for Atlanta!

As a design partner with Javis Davis, I'm able to bring the incredible offerings of the website to real life. I've got all the fabrics on hand, along with samples of the different products for you to touch and feel. As advanced as the company's website technology is, there's still nothing like seeing the different fabrics in person. Admittedly, a few of the collections online that I thought were just OK became some of my favorites once I got my hands on them in person! Being able to see them all up close and personal in the comfort of your own home is a great advantage. A lot of moms have a vision of what they want in a nursery, but others have no idea where to begin... either way, I'm your girl.

I'm looking forward to working with moms and moms-to-be all over the city of Atlanta and beyond. You're certainly welcome to contact me from wherever you are and we can work together over the phone! But a lot of the fun will come from getting to see people's spaces in person and helping them bring a dream nursery to life... whether it's through bedding alone or from top to bottom, wall to wall. So let's get to it, mommas! Make room!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spotlight on: Leo

Mary Peyton at Javis Davis designed a fabulous banner for this new blog. We gotta get it started off right, don't we, girls? This look was inspired by the Leo collection. I often find myself migrating toward the brighter, more colorful patterns and this one leapt off the screen at me the first time I saw it. You'll see a lot of the pink hues picked up with the coordinating fabrics in this collection, but this one could easily work for a boy, too.

Because Javis Davis puts you in the driver's seat, you can pick and choose which fabrics you want to use from any given collection. One momma may pull out a lot of the pink in this group for a girl, while the next might play up the greens and blues for an entirely different look. How fun is that?!

For some inspiration, check out these gorgeous pillows made with fabrics from this collection...

From left to right, top to bottom: Square Cord Pillow in Rasberry Dots, Essex Lime Linen, and White Pique; Square Flange Pillow in Leo; Neckroll with Bows in Go Go Stripes and Essex Lime Linen; Square Pillow with Button in White Pique, Go Go Stripes, and Essex Lime Linen.

Update (5/17/2009) - Sadly, the fab Leo collection is OUT and has been pulled from the site. I hated to see it go, as it's obviously one of my faves! If you love the colors used in the Leo collection, be sure to log on to
Javis Davis and check out the "Mod, Mod World" fabrics for a similar look.