Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Fabric Collections!

If you were browsing around Javis Davis' site last week, you may've noticed two new collections that popped up. First, let's discuss how stinkin' cute this new "Robot" fabric group is... I love the rocket and robot figures in the main fabric, and the collection as a whole highlights one of my favorite color combos - orange and pool blue. Orange is such a fun color, but it often gets left in the crayon box. It's time to break it out!

Also recently added at Javis Davis is the beautiful "Bollywood" collection with this gorgeous paisley print leading the pack. I am loving the warm, deep purple mixed in with some cooler shades of pink and violet, and a splash of (once again) orange! A little girl with this fabulous bedding is sure to have some sass. Feast your eyes on a couple of crib bedding combos designed with the Bollywood fabrics...

Hop on Javis Davis and play around with these fun new collections and see what you can come up with... the possibilities are endless. And don't forget - you don't have to use all the fabrics in any given collection. Notice I didn't use the paisley print at all in that last crib design. You can work with as many or as few of the fabrics as you want. It's all about creating the perfect look for you and your little one!


Steph said...

I noticed the new additions and I also thought I noticed something missing...the Leo fabric! :-(

Is it gone?

Amanda Rogers said...

Yes... sadly, the Leo fabric is gone! That was one of my favorites too!