Monday, May 4, 2009

When you got it, flaunt it.

Walls never looked more fabulous than when graced with your sweet baby's face. But are you looking to get a little more creative with your photo displays? Mommas, get ready to add a new site to your *favorites* list...

Art has no boundaries, so why should your photos? Grab your sweetest shots and create some frameless canvas prints at UpDone. This is a fab site where you can upload your pics and have them printed on stretched canvas and assembled on wood frames, immediately ready for hanging or display. Choose to have your image printed only on the face of the canvas, or have it wrapped like these examples below.

UpDone prints and assembles the frames within a few days and gets them right to your doorstep before you can say "Awwww!" For an even more budget friendly price, you can opt to assemble the frames yourself. But I'm too much of a goof for that... I'd have the thing stapled to my pants somehow before it was said and done.

I have first hand experience with this company and the end product is truly fab, especially for the price. I was very, very impressed with the speedy delivery and the quality of the images. Click on over to their site to get a feel for how they price their items. You'll pay a lot less per item if you order more than one, so load up! Create a couple of larger prints to use in different areas, or maybe a bunch of smaller prints to form a tiled display on a larger wall space. The options are endless, and the memories? Unforgettable.

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