Friday, April 24, 2009

Spotlight on: Central Park Sky

Whether you're going for a funky mod look or a classic sweet and simple feel, Javis Davis has it all... This gorgeous Central Park Sky collection is one of my favorites and it's easy to see why. The lovely toile fabric is timeless and works beautifully for a boy or a girl. While it's obvious I'm a fan of lots of color, I also love the pure look of very subtle uses of color in a nursery. It can make for a very luxurious, regal look... and just like baby, oh-so sweet.

What else is cool? Two moms could be working with this same fabric collection and come out with two completely different looks. That's the beauty of custom design!

But "custom" means expensive, right? Please... you're talking to a girl here who's all about great style on a dime. Both of these crib creations above sell for less than $400. Below are a few more fabulous accessories designed with this collection. Enjoy!

Accessories from top to bottom, left to right: Balloon Valance with Ruffle in Sky Baby Toile and Shalimar Parchment; Square Pillow with Bow Tie in Sky Baby Toile, Emp Stripe Candlelight, and Essex Blue Linen; Square Pillow with Ruffle in Sky Baby Toile; Swivel Glider in Sky Baby Toile and Essex Blue Linen.

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