Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mother's Day Spring Sale!

Javis Davis is showing lots of love for all you moms and moms-to-be out there by giving you 15% off your entire purchase through the end of May! There is no minimum purchase required and the discount is valid on all items with the exception of extra fabric yardage and upholstered chair orders. What's not to love? Affordable custom style becomes even more affordable.

And don't forget Javis Davis has BIG kid bedding too... maybe you've got an older child transitioning to a big kid bed... or maybe you're about to kick that teenager out of the nest and she and her new dorm roomie need some fabulous coordinating bedding for their new pint-sized space. What a fun graduation gift that would be!

Whatever your bedding needs are, now is a great time to get designing! I'd love to help you piece together that perfect bedding set. How do we do it? Contact me and we'll set up an appointment. If possible, I would like to see your space in person and this is especially helpful if you're interested in big kid bedding, as I'll need to take some important measurments. Remember, I've got ALL the fabric swatches on me, so you'll get a good feel for all the great collections first hand. Like I've mentioned before, the fabric images online are great, but you definitely want to see them and handle them in person before placing an order.

This great sale ends on May 31st, so spread the word! Note that there is no mention of this sale on the Javis Davis website... only those in-the-know have access! Any questions? Drop me an email and we'll chat.

Stay tuned for more great happenings at Javis Davis... there are some fabulous new things in the works!

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