Sunday, April 5, 2009

Quick and Easy Style: The Carry-All Bag

It's no big surprise that your stylish ways may slip here and there once baby arrives. (Those little tots are awfully demanding!) Whether you're a new mom who craves nothing more than a good night's sleep, or a mom who's constantly on the run with several little ones in tow... falling into the dreaded I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-threw-on-these-sweatpants look is far too easy. Your priorities have changed overnight. When you finally collapse into bed, you're no longer worrying about what to wear the next day... you're worrying about whether that little munchkin in the next room is still breathing!

So maybe you don't have time to play dress-up in your closet like you once did, but a little effort here and there can go a long, long way. One case in point... the carry-all bag. You've already got a fabulous little something in one arm, so you've got no excuse not to carry a great bag in the other. Bags have a lot of personality, so here's a wonderful chance to express yours. And no doubt you've got a world of *stuff* to throw in there everytime you dare to leave the house, so it's got to be BIG. But you should never have to sacrifice style for functionality.

Spring is the perfect time to showcase some color, so let's have some fun! Here are some great looks for the season that'll get you some major style points, even if they're covered it a little spit-up...

From the top: Gap oversized canvas tote in blue stripe, $49.50; J. Crew madras Madaket tote, $68; Ame & Lulu Everyday Tote in Reef, $80; Kate Spade Union Square Stevie baby bag, $425; Vera Bradley Super Tote in Bali Gold, $85; Tory Burch Tory Tote in Granada Chocolate, $225. Click any of the images above for more information or to purchase.

Stay tuned for more ways to garner some serious style while doing the mom thing... quick and easy.

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