Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Brand Favorites: Hanna Andersson

What's one of my favorite things about fall? Little girls running around in colorful tights. If I wouldn't get some strange looks, I might wear these myself. But it's a little harder to get away with once you get out of grade school...

And if you ask me, the authority on fabulously fun tights for girls is Hanna Andersson. This is a favorite brand of mine that's been around for over 20 years. There are a lot of "Mommy & Me" type looks in the catalog - not my favorite. But if you can get past that, the kids' clothes are just delicious. But especially tasty this season is their huge selection of tights and leggings.

Atlanta moms, you can find Hanna Andersson stores at Perimeter Mall and Phipps Plaza. I do encourage you to visit a store if you have one nearby. Some catalogs don't do a brand justice and I really think this is one of them. The colors and fabrics are so much more vibrant in person.

How fun are these colors? Even with the dreary, rainy weather we've had here this week, you can't help but smile when you see a little girl in a pair of these.

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Renee said...

LOVE Hanna Anderson! I just got the catalog with the Christmas clothes in it and I am pretty sure I would take one of each of everything for my kids!!! Definitely don't do the matching mom and kid clothes but I might even take one of the dresses!