Monday, October 19, 2009

Spanx a lot.

Whether they're sporting a baby bump or not, women across the country have fallen for Spanx body shapers in a big way. And lucky for you, mommas, the Atlanta-based company is continually looking for volunteers to do product testing. In short, volunteers receive products in the mail... wear them as much as they can in the given time frame... then fill out an online survey giving feedback on the products. It's easy, there's no catch, and you generally get to keep the products! What's not to love?

Spanx is looking for women of all shapes and sizes, and would certainly love to have some volunteer mommas-to-be to test maternity products. If you're interested in participating, contact product coordinators Amanda Gardner or Kyli Cohron directly. These ladies can answer all of your questions and get you started.

A word of warning to bloggers, though... if you do volunteer, Spanx does not want you posting any information or feedback, whether good or bad, on the products they send to you for wear testing. Many of these products are not on the market yet and are still being developed. Your feedback should only be shared with Spanx directly, via the online surveys they send to you.

So go get your Spanx on, mommas. Enjoy!

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elledee said...

I will have to tell my pregnant cousin! I love spanx, I just got these awesome tights: