Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spotlight on: Leo

Mary Peyton at Javis Davis designed a fabulous banner for this new blog. We gotta get it started off right, don't we, girls? This look was inspired by the Leo collection. I often find myself migrating toward the brighter, more colorful patterns and this one leapt off the screen at me the first time I saw it. You'll see a lot of the pink hues picked up with the coordinating fabrics in this collection, but this one could easily work for a boy, too.

Because Javis Davis puts you in the driver's seat, you can pick and choose which fabrics you want to use from any given collection. One momma may pull out a lot of the pink in this group for a girl, while the next might play up the greens and blues for an entirely different look. How fun is that?!

For some inspiration, check out these gorgeous pillows made with fabrics from this collection...

From left to right, top to bottom: Square Cord Pillow in Rasberry Dots, Essex Lime Linen, and White Pique; Square Flange Pillow in Leo; Neckroll with Bows in Go Go Stripes and Essex Lime Linen; Square Pillow with Button in White Pique, Go Go Stripes, and Essex Lime Linen.

Update (5/17/2009) - Sadly, the fab Leo collection is OUT and has been pulled from the site. I hated to see it go, as it's obviously one of my faves! If you love the colors used in the Leo collection, be sure to log on to
Javis Davis and check out the "Mod, Mod World" fabrics for a similar look.

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